20 successful years of .NET

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2000 - Microsoft unveils vision for next generation Internet

Microsoft unveils the vision and road map for its next generation of software and services, the Microsoft .NET platform.

2002 - Visual Studio .NET launches

This unified IDE includes the first .NET release that allows you to build Windows client (Windows Forms) and Web (ASP.NET) applications, supporting C# and Visual Basic.

2005 - F# language is born

F#, the first functional-based .NET programming language, is developed by Don Syme in Microsoft Research. It was originally released under a shared source license and then re-released under an open-source license (Apache 2.0) in 2010.

2008 – ASP.NET MVC releases onto CodePlex

Microsoft releases the source code for ASP.NET MVC under MS-PL license. By 2012, it is relicensed under Apache 2.0 and becomes one of the first major open-source projects at Microsoft.

2014 – .NET goes open source, .NET Foundation is founded

The .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn) is released as open source at Build in April and the .NET Foundation is founded. In November, the .NET Core project -a cross-platform, high-performance implementation- begins on GitHub.

2016 - Microsoft acquires Xamarin, Mono joins .NET Foundation, .NET Core 1.0 releases

.NET Core 1.0 releases at Red Hat DevNation, showing how serious Microsoft is about embracing Linux and demonstrating its commitment to open source.

2021 - .NET 6 releases at .NET Conf

The latest release becomes the fastest adopted version of .NET ever, with over 7,000 contributors outside Microsoft making more than 21,000 contributions. It includes C# 10, F# 5, and many new features to simplify code, iterate faster, and perform better.

2022 – 20 successful years of .NET

The world celebrates the 20th anniversary of .NET on February 14.

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