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Ukraine has a vibrant and diverse bunch of .NET developer communities, each with a unique focus and interest. These groups are essential to the tech landscape, offering a platform for learning, sharing, and collaboration among developers. Some communities are dedicated to specific technologies, and others are aimed at developers at different stages of their careers; there is a place for every .NET enthusiast.

Some groups are inclusive, welcoming members regardless of their experience level or technology stack. This openness ensures a rich, diverse dialogue and the free exchange of ideas, fostering innovation and professional development within the .NET ecosystem.

By facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional development, the .NET communities in Ukraine play a crucial role in the growth and evolution of Ukrainian IT. Communities provide a dynamic environment where developers can get new knowledge and contribute to the global .NET world!

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Ukrainian Unity User Group

Ukrainian Unity User Group brings together game developers and those who are interested in it. The group was created by Dmitry Mindra (Microsoft MVP) in 2014, who at that time worked at Unity Technologies.


Unity Telegram Community


Unity User Group Vinnytsia Discontinued

The Unity User Group Vinnytsia is a community for developers and enthusiasts in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, who are interested in Unity, a popular game development engine. Members collaborate, share knowledge, and explore the capabilities of Unity in game creation and interactive content.

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